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New for 2018 ! Harbour / Marina System


Our bespoke Enterprise pricing allows you to have a 100% custom made system incorporating any of the systems below. Any of these can be combined into one booking and management system.

If you require something more simple please visit our pre made systems page

For a demo please Contact Us

RIB Boats

We eat drink and sleep RIB Boat Experiences. Our first boat system was made in 2007 for Thames RIB experience. Since then we have gone from strength to strength with a system that is ideal for 1 RIB boat or 10. Take online bookings and backend bookings. Comprehensive reports function, calendar, release boats when others full, sell vouchers, agent logins and more.




Harbour / Marinas

Brand new for 2018 and by request! Our Port / Harbour / Marina system can handle all your moorings data and management while at the same time allowing boat owners to book online in or out of the Harbour. This is our latest software and we feel our best with incredible new features. For our Harbour Marina's Page click HERE




Tourist Info Centres

Our systems can be used by agent logins for example tourist information centers just like Ipswich TIC who sell tickets on behalf of Orwell River Cruises. Agent login calculates commission payable, tickets sold vouchers and a lot more

Yacht Charters

Our Yacht Charter System as used by Firstaway in Southampton has every feature you will require to charter your yachts either online or in your office. Charter by berths or by trips, add skippers and crew, and whatever extras you need to sell. Fully detailed colour encoded calender shows exactly whats going on with your yachts. Comprehensive reports function and agent logins.




Boat Hire

If you hire or rent small boats hourly daily or weekly we have the perfect system already setup for you. Easy rent a boat calendar shows exactly whats going on, add as many boats as you wish, with custom pricing for high and low seasons, take online bookings and sell vouchers, you are in total control.Comprehensive reports function included.




Rent a Lodge

If you have lodges, cabins or rooms around your lakes or waters our rent a room software can provide a complete online booking system for your clients and a powerful back end to control it all. Colour coded calender function provides instant information

River Cruises

Our River Cruise System caters for hundreds of passengers. Charter the whole boat or take passenger bookings online and in house. Features include catering requirement, cut off points, multiple pick up points, sell vouchers and a host more. Comprehensive reports function and agent logins for tourist information centre's. As used by Orwell River Cruises and Ipswich Tourist Board




Trout / Salmon Fisheries

A new product for 2017 as asked for by a client. If you own a loch / trout or salmon fishery and supply boats and bank fishing this system is ready to go. Full customisation for 1 man 2 man boat – 1,2,3 or 4 fish catch and release and more. Reports function keeps a track on fish taken and stock. Complete booking system for boats and bank fishing




Off the Shelf Systems

For 2018 we have provided 3 off the shelf booking systems, these are available on a fixed monthly fee. Please note unlike the products on this page that uses the Enterprise pricing module we do not customise them but they are full working systems with support. Click HERE to see them

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